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U2F Demo Page

This is not a real login page. But it demonstrates how easy login can be when using a U2F security key, such as the new USBAuth Token from Akisec.

The U2F standard can remove the need for passwords, which we all know are a huge challenge in so many different ways. However, in the short term, most sites will still require a password before they check your U2F security key. It's perfectly safe to login with just the U2F security key because they simply cannot be copied.

Step 1: Register U2F Token

  Please enter an email / password and click Register

  Unplug and plug-in your U2F Security Key now.

Registered okay!

Something didn't work. Sorry!

Step 2: Login With U2F Token

  Click Test Login

  Unplug and plug-in your U2F Security Key now.

Login Accepted!

Something didn't work.

More Test Pages

Your new Akisec USBAuth security key will also work with these third-party test sites and major web sites including: Google, Dropbox, and Github.

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